Serious Business 2016 has officially wrapped!

Thanks to those who got INTIMATE with us, and those who were INTIMATE in spirit.

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ABOUT Serious Business

Serious Business is one of the most celebrated business education events in the beauty industry. It combines inspiration, education and wisdom from some of the world's most innovative thinkers and gives us all an opportunity to re-evaluate our destiny and the importance of the work that we do.


What our industry leaders have to say about Serious Business.

Don't let your fear be your weakness!

Anna Walker, BODY2SOUL

Brenè Brown...I want her to be my therapist.

Scott Buchanan, ScottJ Salons

find your edge and maximize it.

Bonnie Conte, Avalon Salon

It's about business-infused with artistry

Ricardo Dinis, Aveda's Artistic Director

Being Vulnerable and Courageous makes you look at yourself and your business in a new way.

Ana Salvadore, Joseph & Friends

Once again, they've surpassed the bar.

Stacey Soble, Salon Today

Reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.

Elizabeth Fentetti, PBA

You have to work on yourself and trust yourself before you can trust someone else.

Rowena Yeager, Studio Wish Salon

Transparency: This is the state of our union.

Michael Baker, Creative Director, Neill-TSP

Brenè was in my chair when she found out her book was a best-seller!

Alan Conover, Stylist/Owner, Hue Salon

Uncovering the facts on booth rental-fascinating!

Laurel Nelson, Salon Today

Self-awareness is the key. There's no finger pointing in leadership.

Tina Holder Anzivino & Michele Anzivino, Ciao Bella Salon

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