All business development begins with personal development
— Debra Neill

What is Serious Business?

Serious Business® is an industry-focused annual conference that has attracted salon owners, managers, hairdressers, and spa professionals for 21 years. It's a demonstration of our on-going commitment to continually transform our industry. This gathering of like-minded people and thought leaders is dedicated to the development of self, leadership and best business practices. The purpose of Serious Business® is, and has always been, to expose, evoke and evolve our own thinking, resulting in helping people and businesses reach their full potential.

Serious Business® is brought to you by Neill.

WHAT is Neill?

Among many things, Neill is an education company first and foremost. We seek out talented artists, the most inspirational speakers, and collaborate with our network to devise innovative programs to create transformational experiences. Our ideas, products, and passion come from our collaboration with our salon and spa partners, some of the most profitable, successful salons in the world. We believe in sharing ideas, successes and lessons learned. Every salon and spa that succeeds makes our industry, and our world, better – one guest at a time.