Winn Claybaugh –  Be Nice (Or Else!) in the Salon
Location – Ritz Carlton – Grand Ballroom

Can you imagine salon with a motto of “BE MEAN”? Of course not. But the absence of true leadership, team training, and systems to create a BE NICE culture will, by default, create a mean one. In his book Be Nice (Or Else!), motivational guru Winn Claybaugh shares proven systems to create a major competitive edge. You’ll leave this seminar with an individually designed vision for your own personal and business growth, and you’ll learn:

How to work on your “back bone” rather than your “wish bone”
How to balance your career and all that other stuff
How to create a safe, loving culture
How to create fun and magic at work
How to increase teamwork and loyalty
How to increase profits
Your role as a leadership (HINT: Everyone’s a leader!)


Kati Whitledge - Build Your Best Team This Year!
Location – Roosevelt Hotel – Roosevelt Ballroom II & III

Growing your team with the people who are the best fit for your tribe is among the top challenges of salon owners in North America. For many, the recruiting process is exhausting and can feel like a vicious cycle. The good news is, it can be easy, fun and extremely rewarding. Entrepreneur, speaker, author, and podcaster, Kati Whitledge, will share how to find the right people for your salon without wasting a ton of time and resources. She will reveal the framework behind successful recruiting that is easy to grasp and execute. Kati’s common-sense strategies will equip you to become the most sought-after salon in your area!

Scott Missad - Title: Embracing the Future
Location – Ritz Carlton – Lafayette Ballroom

With so many changes happening in our industry, the future can be a bit fearful.  Join Scott in his program which examines the future of our industry while presenting concepts and solutions designed to not only survive, but thrive, no matter what the changes may be.  Learn how understanding the state of our industry, and client behaviors will create opportunities to build deep connections enhancing your client experience. All this will allow for exciting growth and prosperity, essentially future proofing your business.

Lynn Christian – How To Be A Badass
Location:  Roosevelt Hotel – Blue Room

Here's the truth: You are different than any other person alive. 
Here's another truth: You won't be able to excel over other people in all things. 
And here's one more truth: In many areas, someone will be stronger, better, faster than you.

So here is the final truth: There are places where you'll be stronger, faster, brighter and better...there are places where you can be a Badass. You have the ability to make a unique mark on the world. Isn't it time to figure out how to do this?

Enliven and Enlarge your vision of who you are and what you can achieve by attending this stirring presentation. Lyn Christian (a.k.a. The Inspired Badass) will deliver three of the ultimate pillars to being your own version of a Badass. Not only will attendees be emerged in experiential learning, they will better understand the neuroscience regarding how one engages such Badassery. Plan on being involved and absorbed for the duration of this 90-minute presentation and encounter how you can be more Strong, True and Focused. Lyn's audience will be invited to sign-up for free virtual coaching follow-ups exclusively offered at Serious Business 2018.

Ben Greenfield - Basic To Advanced Tactics To Increase Longevity
Location:  Roosevelt Hotel – Roosevelt Ballroom IV&V

In this breakout session, Ben will take a deep dive into the basic and advanced tactics to increase longevity. Ben will detail the latest cutting edge longevity biohacks such as fasting, foods and supplements, stem-cell treatments, technology biohacks, and how to quantify aging.

Shama Hyder – Marketing in the Digital Age:How to Attract More Customers for Your Salon
Location:  Roosevelt Hotel – Roosevelt Ballroom II & III 

Whether you’re a seasoned salon owner or just starting out, it’s no secret that finding and keeping customers is more challenging than ever. After all, 92% of consumers look online before making purchasing decisions. With seemingly endless options and an overload of information, how can you effectively attract and retain quality customers that value what your salon has to offer? 

In this interactive session, you will understand how to shift your selling strategy and mindset to meet customers where they are and deliver what they are wanting. In addition, you’ll understand what’s required to consistently attract more referrals and grow your brand in the marketplace. 

Be sure to bring your pen and notebook because this will be a hands-on workshop! The first part will show you how to effectively market to your ideal clients and part two will show you how to apply the concepts to YOUR business!


·      Recognize how digital signals allow you to attract the right new customers
·      Understand the key mistakes businesses make with their overall marketing plan – and how to avoid them
·      Learn 5 specific strategies to help you grow your brand’s digital footprint
·      Uncover the secret for retaining clients in today’s noisy environment
·      Understand how the ACT method can help you attract and keep more of your customers


Patrick Thompson – Crazy Wins – Doubling Down on Culture to Build an Irresistible Experience
Location:  Roosevelt Hotel – Orpheum Ballroom

Are you clear on who you are? Have you defined your personal values and your personal brand identity? Have you created the culture you expect? Have you translated your mission and your values into behaviors that are consistent whether you are present or not? Have you incorporated cultural behaviors into your performance evaluations? Join Patrick and his team for this hands-on and interactive workshop where you will learn how to translate your values into a culture that retains the talent you develop and delivers the experience you expect. Get ready to double down on culture for continued growth!


Whether you’re looking for a way to reward and retain talent. Or your long term transition plan is to sell to key employees or family members, bringing on partners is both an exciting opportunity AND a huge risk. During this program, Tom will share real world examples, ideas and practices to tap into a whole new generation of emerging owners inside your business. Learn about the myths and traps of ownership and why ‘internals transfers’, when done right, can be a big win for all parties, as well as a key to sustainability for an industry we all love.