Keynote Speakers

  • Charles Duhigg

    BACKGROUND: Journalism

    SPECIALTY: Efficiency

    NEWSWORTHY: Pulitzer-Prize winner

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: The New York Times trusts him to counsel its employees on productivity and the science of habits in business, and so should you.

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  • K. Anders Ericsson, Ph.D.

    BACKGROUND: Professor of Psychology

    SPECIALTY: Superior Performance

    NEWSWORTHY: Conradi Eminent Scholar, research quoted in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: You want your team to be experts who perform at the highest level; Dr. Ericsson is THE expert on expert performance.

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  • Vishen Lakhiani

    BACKGROUND: Culture and Workspace Design

    SPECIALTY: Creating educational experiences

    NEWSWORTHY: Best-selling author, founder of Mindvalley

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: Culture is everything. Vishen draws from thought leaders like Elon Musk and Richard Branson to bring big corporate ideas to a salon-sized audience.

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  • Caleb Maddix

    BACKGROUND: 14 years old and a viral video genius

    SPECIALTY: Living your dreams

    NEWSWORTHY: Voted one of the Top 20 Most Motivational Influencers on the Planet in 2016

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: His proven strategies for gaining an online presence for your business will shock you and put you to work building a digital brand.

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  • Kimberly Snyder

    BACKGROUND: Nutritionist, Yogini and Author

    SPECIALTY: Mind, Body and Soul

    NEWSWORTHY: Nutritionist for Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington, Channing Tatum and Reese Witherspoon

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: Kimberly literally wrote the book on how nutrition affects beauty - The Beauty Detox Solution. Nutrition can change the lives and faces of you and your guests.

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  • Eveline Charles

    BACKGROUND: Founder & CEO of six salons and spas and two academies

    SPECIALTY: Thinking big and acting on it

    NEWSWORTHY: Profit Magazine’s Top 100 Canadian Women Entrepreneurs; Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: If you want to BE big, you have to THINK big and ACT big. Eveline can show you how to do all three. Will you turn your big thoughts into big actions to achieve your goals?

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  • Debra Penzone

    BACKGROUND: Stylist turned artistic director turned president & CEO of Charles Penzone Salons

    SPECIALTY: Giving back, paying forward, and inspiring others to do the same

    NEWSWORTHY: American Cancer Society’s Volunteer of the Year, Modern Salon's Spirit of Noel award, Salon Today’s 20 Most Intriguing Salon much more

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: As salon professionals, you’re in a perfect position to use your talents for the greater good. Debra will inspire you to do so. Will you use your talents and resources to make a bigger difference?

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  • David Wagner

    BACKGROUND: Founder/owner of JUUT Salonspas (10 locations)

    SPECIALTY: Innovator of the pay-it-forward movement

    NEWSWORTHY: Best-selling author of Life as a Daymaker: How to Change the World by Making Someone's Day

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: David is the heart of his salons; he’ll share the reasons and stories behind the Daymaker movement and empower you to change lives. Will you realize the power within you to change another’s life through kindness?

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  • Van Council

    BACKGROUND: Fashion director of Intercoiffure, Co-owner of seven Atlanta-area salons

    SPECIALTY: Visionary and pioneer in new stylist training

    NEWSWORTHY: North American Hairstylist of the Year, Avant-Garde Stylist of the Year, and Makeover Stylist of the Year, named to the Aveda Global Masters Team.

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: Your people are your biggest asset. Van will share stories of how to teach your new artists – both technically and culturally – so that you retain and build them. Will you make people your biggest investment and give each the tools to become a powerhouse?

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  • Serious Business

    is a gathering of like-minded people and thought leaders dedicated to the development of self, leadership and best business practices. The purpose of Serious Business® is, and has always been, to expose, evoke and evolve our own thinking, resulting in helping people and businesses reach their full potential.

Breakout Speakers


    BACKGROUND: Aveda Global Education

    SPECIALTY: Tapping into the extraordinary

    NEWSWORTHY: Revolutionized Aveda Business College and Field Development

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: The more effective your education, the more your team and brand will thrive.

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    BACKGROUND: Owner of 3 salons for 20+ years

    SPECIALTY: Bringing out a team's best

    NEWSWORTHY: NAHA’s Master of Business Award, Aveda Business College educator

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: Release every team member’s inner achiever by identifying opportunities for creativity and growth.

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    BACKGROUND: Salon owners for 30 years

    SPECIALTY: Cultivating strong business culture

    NEWSWORTHY: Salon Today 200 salon - 10 years running

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: If you’re not shaping your own salon culture, someone will step up and do it for you.

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    BACKGROUND: Founder/Director of Operations at Ruiz Salon Group

    SPECIALTY: Salon business problem solving

    NEWSWORTHY: Sought after nationally for his insights on entrepreneurship and expansion

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: Heath has practical, proven advice to identify and overcome weak spots and maximize strengths.

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    BACKGROUND: Multifaceted salon industry owners and leaders

    SPECIALTY: Salons, barbershops and institutes

    NEWSWORTHY: Has maintained a stronghold on beauty education and employment for over 30 years

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: You can never be in all places at once — but if you cultivate strong managers, your values guide their success.

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    BACKGROUND: Co-Presidents, Gadabout SalonSpas

    SPECIALTY: Innovative changes in perspective

    NEWSWORTHY: Winners of the Global Salon Business Award for Excellence in Salon Leadership

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: They’re experts in expanding influential salon brands that stand out from the crowd.

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  • SAT. JAN. 14- FREE,
    but separate registration required. You don’t have to be a SalonBiz customer to attend.


    BACKGROUND: Founder,

    SPECIALTY: Early adopter, educator and big picture thinker

    NEWSWORTHY: #weaponofmassgratitude — how to use social media to make our world better.

    WHY IT MATTERS TO SALONS: Learn his social media strategy for gratitude. In a world where our most precious resource has become attention, you must be sure that you give much more than you receive. Learn to make real connections with your followers, attract new clients and foster relationships that have longevity.

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